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Adopt A Beach

The sea turtle nesting season is here! On April 27th, the first loggerhead nest of 2022 was laid on the west end of Sanibel. We are hoping to come together for the fifth year as combined neighborhoods to participate in SCCF’s Adopt -A-Beach program benefitting sea turtle monitoring and research. Last year our two neighborhoods contributed $2725.

Last year our Gulf Pines and Gulf Shores beach hosted 32 Loggerhead nests. From that group 2026 hatchlings emerged successfully. Historically, green turtles have not nested in large numbers along the Gulf coast, but two green turtle nests were laid on our beach last year with 60 hatchlings emerging.

The program’s goals are simple:

1. Promote beach stewardship by keeping the beaches clean and trash free, and following beach lighting code regulations.

2. Try to raise $2 for every foot of our joint 2,340 feet of shoreline.

Funds are used solely for supplies, equipment, and interns dedicated to sea turtle monitoring and research. Research supported by Adopt-A Beach effort includes evaluating the impact and lingering effects of catastrophic Red Tide Bloom on nesting females and their hatchlings. A multi-year research project evaluating the impacts of sand characteristics on water drainage rates and nest incubation temperatures, and subsequently hatch and emergence success, was launched last year. This study will provide guidance on the potential impacts of introduced sand on our beaches. The results will aid in the development of science-based strategies to reduce risks associated with renourishment projects.

The attached PDF contains a tear-off stub that you can submit with your donation. Alternatively, you can donate directly online at https://donorbox.org/sccf-adopt-a-beach. When your request and payment are processed, you will receive a receipt for your tax-free contribution and receive neighborhood email updates. If you have questions, email pam.tom.miller@gmail.com.

Thank you from your neighbors connected by nature!