Management & Facilities

Gulf Pines Management

Management services for the Gulf Pines Property Owners Association are provided by Island Management

P.O. Box 100
711 Tarpon Bay Road
Sanibel, FL 33957

Phone: 239-472-5020
Fax: 239-472-9480
E-mail: Bonnie Moore or Janette Mackesy

Requests for information about the association, or requests for estoppel certificates, can be directed to Island Management (

Gulf Pines Facilities

Members are encouraged to use the community swim pools and tennis courts to help foster a sense of community. In addition, the clubhouse was built to provide a place for communal gatherings and social events.


There are two swimming pools in Gulf Pines, both heated to about 86 degrees for comfortable swimming during the winter season. The smaller pool, located on Old Banyan Way offers poolside chairs and lounges, two tables with umbrellas, and at the pool house, two restrooms and a shower. The larger pool, located on Gulf Pines Drive by the tennis courts and clubhouse, also offers poolside chairs and lounges, tables with umbrellas, a shower, and one restroom accessed from the decking around the clubhouse. Any problems with either swim pool should be reported to our Property Manager. See the Property Manager page.


Gulf Pines has outdoor picnic areas located near both swimming pools, there is a common use barbeque grill near the small pool on Old Banyan Way.


At the small swim pool on Old Banyan Way, the barbeque area is located adjacent to the pool deck. There is a barbeque grill, and a sitting area under a trellis next to the grill. The grill is gas fed, and require the operation of two turn on/turn off valves to operate. One value controls gas coming from a large storage tank to the grill area, and then the grill also has an on-off valve. Members should remember to clean the grills according to posted instructions and to cut off all valves when finished using the grills. Food and drink may be consumed at the table near the grills.  Food and drink is not allowed on the tile apron around the swim pool. There is no reservation system for use of the grills.


The clubhouse is used for a variety of Gulf Pines events like Board meetings, committee meetings, and social groups like Bridge players. In addition, members may use the clubhouse for personal affairs subject to the guidelines below. Inside the club house, there is a restroom, a full kitchen, and a seating area that can handle about 30 – 40 people depending on the furniture and table arrangements. Folding tables are stored in the closet. The clubhouse is reserved for Board meetings every second Wednesday of the month which normally run from 9:30AM up to 1 PM. In addition, committee meetings are held at the clubhouse at times and schedules set by committee chairpersons. Personal use of the clubhouse is allowed.  A reservation calendar is maintained at the clubhouse which must be completed by the member who wants to hold a private event.
The member must be present at the event to be held.  A $100 fee is required to be submitted to the Treasurer before the event is held. See Whom to Contact page.  After the event, the sponsoring member is responsible for the full clean-up after any affair.  Access to the Club house is via a combination lock door.  All members are entitled to know the combination. You can obtain the combination number from a member of the Communications committee.  See the Whom to Contact page.


Two synthetic grass with sand tennis courts are located next to the
clubhouse. Courts must be groomed after each use. Use any one
of the three grooming mats or the grooming broom. They are all
pulled across the surface of the court. Do Not Groom Wet Courts.

Use of the courts is open to all members and guests subject to the following guidelines.
Proper attire is required when playing tennis. No tank tops, bikinis, brief swim wear are allowed. Tennis shoes that do not make black scuff marks should be used. Groom the courts after each use!

The courts are reserved by the Association for organized play every day, Monday through Saturday, from 9 AM to 11 AM. Member wishing to play at these times should contact the chairpersons of the Tennis Committee. See the Whom to Contact page.
In addition, the courts are reserved every Sunday from 3PM to 5PM for Association open play. Members and guests can play by just showing up about 2:45 PM. A round –robin type of scheduling is used so all players have an opportunity to play regardless of skill level.

A ball machine is located in the storage shed located on the courts. An electrical outlet is also located next to the shed. Any member or guest is allowed to use the ball machine when it doesn’t interfere with other play. Children under 12 years of age must have an adult present to operate the ball machine. Users of the ball machine are requested to clean up all balls, and properly store the machine when finished with use. The shed has combination locks on the two access doors. All members have access. To get the combination, please contact a member of the Communications committee. See the Whom to Contact page.